June 3rd, 2011 | John Havers | Posted in: Access Control, Cloud, IAM Business, Identity Governance, SOA

Identity Management legend to visit Australia

Since recently announcing our partnership with Axiomatics, the leading developer of ABAC (Attribute Based Access Control) entitlement management solutions using XACML, we’ve had a huge response from the Australian market. Customers have been calling us wanting to know more.  Now you can learn why the two largest financial institutions in the world are onboard with XACML from Axiomatics. It's been called the IAM (R)evolution.

This month we are hosting Gerry Gebel, president of Axiomatics Americas, and formerly vice president and service director for The Burton Group’s identity management practice. Gerry will be joining First Point Global on a roadshow around the country from 20 June - I July. Having cut my teeth on Access Management and Authorisation back at Dascom (prior to the IBM acquisition) I can attest to the power and flexibility of Axiomatics' widely acclaimed XACML implementation. Seeing is believing. Drop me an email if you'd like to meet the man and hear why so many organisations are switching to Axiomatics and XACML. By the way, Axiomatics and SailPoint are partnering to wrap Identity and Access Governance around XACML Policies, delivering the industry's most advanced access management solution. SailPoint execs, Kevin Cunningham and Collin Perry will be visiting Australia in July and August with more of that story.

Gerry Gebel has authored or contributed to more than 70 reports and articles on topics such as authorisation, federation, identity and access governance, user provisioning and other IAM topics. He’s been instrumental in advancing the state of identity-based interoperability by leading demonstration projects for federation, entitlement management, and user-centric standards and specifications. In 2007, he facilitated the first ever XACML interoperability demonstration at the Burton Group Catalyst conference.  Gerry has some 15 years experience in the financial services industry including architecture development, engineering, integration, and support of Internet, distributed, and mainframe systems.

Gerry comes to us fresh off of taking part in the European Identity Awards last month where XACML 3.0 received an award for most influential standardization effort.

In line with the global trend, Externalised Authorisation is gaining momentum in our region as more and more organisations look for a flexible and relatively easy way to deploy solutions that speed up and improve their access control processes. ABAC offers a dynamic system that enables secure compliance with regulations and corporate policies integrated with existing platforms. This not only provides substantial savings over time, but also opens up new business opportunities.

Axiomatics products and services are used in financial, manufacturing, health care and telecom industries, as well as the public sector – all with complex information security requirements. Its growing list of customers throughout Europe and North America includes: PayPal (the world’s largest XACML deployment to date), Bell Helicopter, Swedish National Health Service, plus one of the world’s largest banks.

If you’re looking for a flexible and relatively easy way to deploy solutions that speed up and improve your access control process, you may be well served by talking to Gerry and First Point Global, and exploring Axiomatics. We’d be delighted to arrange for you to meet with Gerry during his time here. We are planning a couple of after work social functions (Sydney confirmed for June 30) and Melbourne is TBD. If Access Management with XACML is of interest to you, please get in touch with us on 07 3227-1550, or email etweedie@firstpointglobal.com

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